Welcome – Tervetuloa – Bienvenue!

Hello and welcome 🙂

I am half Finnish, half French so those two are my native languages, even that I still have en accent when I speak french…  I’m writing my blog in English because I have so much friends in different countries and the only common language we all have is English. I’m sorry if everything is not always very comprehensive!

I started this blog on spring 2015  when I was living in Brazil for few months and got more and more interested about different cultures. On that time I was looking for my place between different countries and I found that writing about my thoughts was very helpful and cleared up many things in my mind.

Before Brazil, I was living in France, Paris, from 2009 until 2015. During that time I worked in different touristic companies and also studied tourism for 3 years… In summer 2015 I moved back to Finland to see how life’s going here. Now, I am finishing my masters’ studies at the University of Lapland and working for a safari company at Rovaniemi – the hometown of Santa Claus.

I am writing this blog when I have time and when I feel like writing, so without any pressure. The last year I have been so busy with my studies, that the blog have been way too silent – I hope this will change soon!

The idea of the blog, is to share my thoughts  with people who are interested about travelling, moving abroad, living with different and  mixed cultures, about identities ect. I’ve been living between Finnish and French cultures all my life, but also shared my life with Caribbean people for many years, and currently getting more and more into Spanish culture and lifestyle with my boyfriend who’ve moved from Spain to Finland.

So don’t hesitate to give me any suggestions, also if you have questions or subjects you would like to read about, I’m open!

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