Foz do Iguaçu – Small city makes me feel at home

I’ve always loved travelling and meeting new people and cultures. And I’ve loved specially to stay long time in a place, to getting know the people, the neighborhoods, the climate, the food, best places of the city…etc. Only, since I moved in France in 2009 I’ve been travelling only for little periods, for short holidays (except last fall when we left to Caribbean for 1,5 month!)… Mostly because of my work and studies which took all my time.  And even I loved my holidays in Finland and in south of France, or week-ends in European cities it’s not the same at all.

Now, I’m in Brazil since the beginning of March, and I’m in the half of my stay here (Yes, time really goes too fast!!!). In this period people usually wake up thinking “oh my god, there’s so much things I haven’t done yet, and time is running!” It’s a little what happens to me too;I’ve really enjoyed every minute I’ve been here until now, but of course I’m getting worried about leaving this country and not having time (and money!) to do all the things I wanted to… Luckily before I left France, I already knew that Brazil is way too big to be really visited it in 3 months, especially as I’m not on holiday here, but working as a volunteer/trainee. So I was prepared to see only a little part of this beautiful country. And Actually I have realized that as 3 months is way too short, and even I would like to see many places here, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most until now, is my daily life and to meet all the great people I’ve met.

For me there’s no doubt, Brazilian people are lovely and they made me feel at home immediately!  Of course Foz is a little city, it’s easier to get know people, I’m also surrounded very much by people who work in tourism and hostels, who are open for travelling, new cultures and languages…We have a lot in common, so maybe that have made things easier too.

And like I said it’s a small city, and in a way, Foz remembers me about my hometown, Tampere. Just because the downtown is small too, you can walk trough it in 20 minutes and every place where you go there’s always someone you know. When I left Finland to Paris almost 6 years ago, this was one thing which made me happy, I said “It’s so great to not know people here and I can go wherever I want and be sure there’s no-one I know!” And even after 6 years, now that I know a lot of people there, it’s very rare to meet someone on the street, in a bar or a restaurant whiteout knowing the person would be there. It’s such a big city! And it’s also true that I’ve wanted to leave Paris since few years already, but didn’t really have the occasion and just couldn’t because of my studies…

At the and, I’m someone who loves to have nature around me, who loves to walk or bike and see landscapes. In Paris I live too far from the city to go by walk, in don’t like to bike there because of the traffic, and there’s no nature…except the gardens and parks which are nice, but not wild.

And other thing why I really enjoy my stay here in Foz, it’s because I have time. Time for me, time for other people, time to do things.  We used to say that “in Paris you don’t live, you survive”.  That’s because in big cities you always loose a lot of time to go from a place to another, that’s why days are long there and once you get home you’re exhausted. It’s also an expensive city, so you always need to think what can or cannot do…   I didn’t have time to enjoy about me and my life there, because I was so concentrated to finish my studies in tourism, to work, to trying to have a social life and see friends at least once a week, and to practice some sport, and then sometimes just stay home and rest. When I went to Finland I was always so surprised how people had so much time to do things they like, and I really missed that too. Here in Foz I’m finally concentrated on me and my time, that makes me feel good.

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