Discovering AccroYoga

Today I’ll write about my latest discovering: AccroYoga.

I had some Ahstanga yoga in Finland, many years ago, and tried also Hatha Yoga  few times (don’t hesitate to check on Wikipedia the difference between different yoga, if you’re interested!). But this was long time ago, and last year in Paris I had some Pilates classes, which I enjoyed too, but it’s not exactly the same thing.

Last week, here in Foz, a friend took me in a yoga class where he goes one to two times a week. It was a little class, we were about 5 or 6 persons that day, and had an usual yoga training, with  breathing exercises, different asanas (the  positions) and relaxation… A very nice hour of training, without much of meditation or other spiritual things. And the atmosphere was great; because we were such a small group and everybody already knew each other the feeling was very familiar and warm. And as my Portuguese is not so good, everybody made efforts to translate in English to be sure that I understood what we were doing each time. Only this was a great discovering already!

At he end the teacher wanted to initiate us for Accro Yoga, because there was going to be a Accro Yoga event in the city the next Saturday. I had never heard about that kind of yoga before, but I understood quickly that it had something to do with acrobatics.Featured imageFeatured image

It’s all about trust between the two persons, trust on you, like in Yoga usually, and balance. The pictures  up here are from the class, and I was so happy to discover this new activity that I decided to go on that outdoor AccroYoga event on Saturday.

We were invited for 5 pm. on Saturday afternoon, and were very lucky because even the sun came out, while it had rained a lot the last days… Well, as we are in Brazil, we started around 6 pm. instead of 5, but that was exxpected;-).  We had first some stretching and meditation or other spiritual thing… But I have to say I didn’t understand a lot about it. During the accro yoga practicing I totally surpassed myself. I practiced with a person who I knew already so it was certainly easy to trust him, and he also had practiced it a lot in the past, so he knew how to do.

I’m totally new in all these yoga things at the moment, but I can already say that when you do things you didn’t think you were able to do, the feeling is amazing! It’s about surpassing yourself and that gives really great feelings, like in any kind of sport usually.  For me, this is the one I want to continue on practicing and get better on every movement and positions each time.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures about all the positions we did, and especially about the most difficult ones but here are some of that great Saturday.

Featured image

Featured image

Featured imageFeatured image

Today, on Tuesday, I went back to the yoga class I had last week and was able to do little better and little more, than last week. That really motivates to go on! Today we also had 5 minutes of meditation, which I actually really needed, after having few bad days and being a little stressed.

This is also what I meant on my last post, of ‘having time’ for me. It’s amazing to be able to discover new things, to take care about myself, and to meet new people at the same time!


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