Few words about travelling

A lot of people like travelling, and we all travel more or less for the same reasons. But today I want to share few thoughts that I have about travelling…

First a little background for my travelling:

I did my first trip when I was about 1 month, and my parents took me to the border of Finland and Norway at the Barents Sea to see whales. Well in that period we lived in Inari in Lapland, so we were already in the north ;-). Then I took the plane for the first time when I was about 6 months old and we flew from Finland to France for my first Christmas. Obviously I don’t remember anything about these trips, but all that to say that when I once started traveling, I have never stopped. When my sister and I were a little older, I was 9 and she was 7, we started to take the plane alone, as those “unaccompanied” children who are taken care by the air hostesses…

I think that traveling and the way you travel comes always from your parents. We traveled mostly between France an Finland during my childhood, to see family and friends in France. We always stayed from 2 to 4 weeks in France, we never stayed in hotels and the most of the time we used a family car which waited for us each year in my grand parents garage. We did our first, and only “package holiday” with my mom and sister in Crete (Grece) when I was around 10. In that age I remember that I loved it too, because it was different for us. We weren’t used to stay in a nice hotel and play at the pool or on the beach every day, during our holidays. But 15 years later I still haven’t done that kind of trips anymore, and I take the plane many times a year!

When I was 12 my mom needed to leave to Senegal for work, and until that she had already traveled a lot in Africa, but always without us. And my dad too. We were used with my sister that they left a lot for different trips because of their work, and we weren’t always able to go with them. But this Senegal journey was different, it was planed for about 4 months and as our father was working in Lapland in that time, we left with mom. And even I was only 12 years old, I was big enough to understand how amazing it was! That experience and those months with all the people we met, the food, even the smells, the buses, the houses… It all stayed in my mind and I still remember a lot of things, which I would probably look and see differently today, but which certainly changed something in me, and a part of that stay in Senegal made me the person I am today.

And I think everybody should get that kind of experiences! Traveling is not only about hotels and flights, it’s so much more and so thrilling….

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So this can already give an image about what kind of traveling I like… I prefer to be in houses, with local people who already know the places, with who I can meet new people, who will show me the best places of the city, where tourists not necessarily go… But It happens that for a week-end in some city in Europe I book a little hotel, and that’s nice too sometimes. Or if I travel with friends, we prefer to rent an apartment than take a hotel or a room in a hostel.

But why do I travel? And what travelling can really bring us?

It’s always about getting some air! To change environment and get some forces from outside. That’s why I travel. And since I’ve been living in Paris I’ve felt that need to go out of the city much more often than when I lived in Finland! That’s because Paris is a nice city, but big and exhausting. And it’s very easy to travel from Paris, that’s one of the greatest advantages of the city. There’s 2 big international airport, many railway stations with international connections and buses going all over Europe too! And I feel that more I travel more I need it, it becomes a kind of addiction.

And traveling is about getting know yourself better and grow up. It’s only when you travel, that you realize how much you miss something, or you care about someone. And it’s also during your travels that you realize what you don’t need in your life, whiteout what you feel very good, and you didn’t even notice it before. During your travels you can learn things about yourself you didn’t know before; that actually you love talk whit people you’ve just met and have long conversations the whole night, or discover new activities you never thought you will try once… You can get out from your fears.

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A lot of people don’t leave far from home, or in a completely new place, because they are afraid. They can be afraid of flying, but they can be also afraid of unknown. It’s call fear-of-unknown, and for me that’s something very sad, and I hope all the people are feeling like that can make the step to overcome that fear, and really enjoy life and what travelling can bring!

For me the most important in traveling is to get new beautiful images in mind, to feel that something have changed in me because of what I’ve learned of the people I met or about the place I visited… To get a soul more rich than it was before, and share it with others back home. Because unfortunately every trips has to end, and that always makes me sad. But it’s to get a new one soon, and it wouldn’t call travelling otherwise, wouldn’t it?

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