Where are you from?

One thing in travelling and meeting new people is annoying sometimes: Introducing yourself each time again and again… I’m sorry, but it is! When you meet new people every week and you always repeat the same phrases, it comes boring. Even that it’s great to hear who’s the other person…

And with introducing myself I’ve had a personal issue since I’m in Brazil:

As I’ve already mentioned I’m half Finnish, half French and have lived in both countries.

In France people usually ask me where I’m from because I still have an accent when I speak french, so they want to know where’s that accent from… And it’s easy to answer: “I’m from Finland”.

In Finland it’s more rare that people ask me were I’m from, but it can happen sometimes, if someone hears me talk a lot about Paris or France, or if I’m there with my french boyfriend. And usually I just simply explain that I’m living in France. So, I’ve always been very easily shared with the both countries, and my Finnish friends and family. I have never had any big identity crises about my origins…

Featured image

All the pics are random pictures of this week-end or last days!

But here in Brazil, I was immediately confronted on the answer about  “Where am I from?”…And I quickly realized that I didn’t know which was the faster way to give the right answer which would have been “I’m half Finnish, and half French and the last years I’ve been living in France”. Instead of that I sometimes said I’m from Finland, sometimes I said I’m from France, and gave more details only if the conversation went further… But usually I felt frustrated if I hadn’t gave all the information about the both country, I felt that the person didn’t know the most important thing about me.Featured image

Sushi dinner in “Laos” with friends

Last night it happened again, as we were out with friends and met some new Brazilian people. They asked me in Portuguese where I’m from, and before answering I was thinking for few seconds “mmmm….” and then “Finlandia”… Then one of my friend looked at me and said, “camoon… you know how to explain that in Portuguese…” So with my bad Portuguese I started to explain “I’m half Finnish, half french but now I’ve been living in France for the last years”… And about 30 min later the scenario repeated itself with another person, who said “oh, but you speak very good Portuguese!” But actually that’s why I’m so used to repeat the same sentence almost every day!Featured image

Our traditional Açai-break after yoga-class with a very good friend! 

This is Açai with strawberry-mousse.

But even it’s boring to introduce yourself again and again, and not knowing which is the best way to introduce yourself, it’s even more frustrating to meet a lot of great people, but only for few days and then they disappear from your life… That’s happening for me a lot here in Foz, for 2 reasons:

– It’s a very touristic place in the border of Paraguay and Argentina, and the most of the people come here for few days (2-3 days in general), during their holidays, or “around the world”- trip.

– I’m hanging a lot with people who are in contact with tourists; My roommate is the owner of a great hostel and she also does Rbnb on her house, so I’ve been in contact with all the tourists she receives! And I also have friends hosting couch surfers here… So yes, I’m very much in contact with the people who come here for only few days.

And I’ve met a lot of wonderful persons… With some of them I can still have a contact on Facebook or Instagram, or even whats’up, and with some I have any contact at all! (Debbie from England, if one day you read this,pleas let me know! I would love to have news about you 😉 ). But that’s okay, it’s how life goes… And in few days you don’t have time to get too attached.

But in few months you have!

And that’s my next nightmare, as I’m leaving Foz in 2 weeks now. I don’t know what’s waiting me back home, if I’ll stay in Paris or not, and I don’t know if I’ll come back to Brazil. But what I do know, is that even I would come back here later, the relationships and friends I have here now, would probably not me the same the next time… And even my goal at the moment, is to enjoy as much as possible the last weeks here, I can’t stop thinking about the day I’ll take the plain and say goodbye to all the great people I’ve met here. And that really afraids me lot… As I know myself, and I know I’m like an “Iguaçu fall” (it’s better than Niagara fall in this case, no?) each time I’m leaving a place, meaning I just can’t stop crying!

But hey, this was quickly about meeting new people… To make time pass on a rainy Sunday!

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“Itaipu-Dam”: One of the “things to do before I leave”

Featured image

Practicing acro-yoga on Saturday afternoon


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