“Foz, I’ll miss you until we meet again”

Yes, everything has an end, even the most great things. And if I ever was thinking about whether staying in Brazil or going back to France, the only decision I’ve taken, is to go back home for now, see how things are going there, and then take more decisions. So at the moment, I’m leaving Foz do Iguaçu where I’ve spent 3 splendid months.

And no matter how sad I’m feeling to leave this place, whiteout knowing when I’m coming back, I want to share with you the good moments and things about theses months.

Firstly, I remember the first day when I arrived, and it was raining, but it was still about +30 degrees, and I was thinking “this is so good, I will not be cold in the three next months!” Well, I was very wrong about that, but I didn’t know it yet. I might be from Finland, but I really don’t like cold, it gives me stiff neck and head aches all the time… I love to walk in the sun even its more than +30 C, and feel the sun burn my skin! And I also love to wear sandals and flipflops, they make me feel so much more free than closed shoes.

I almost didn’t have time to feel lonely, or homesick or anything else, I was so well welcome!  And that brings us on my favorite subject; The people.

I know I have told it many times, but Brazilian people are really amazing. They are not only kind, but also extremely welcoming and helpful. You never need to feel  ashamed on asking something, and they are also very spontaneous and happy people, and you can’t not feel good with them. But of course, that’s only superficial. The best thing that makes you feel happy, and also very sad when you leave, are the real meetings you do.

And I have met so much wonderful people, who have each learned me something new… About myself, or about them, or just about life. I would love to name all those great people  and what they have learned for me, but I think it doesn’t make sense here.

I just want to thank you all about our great conversations, and things we’ve done together; about the stars, we’ve watched by talking, the caipirhinas, the wine glasses, the fejoadas, tapiocas, esconddidinhos, risottos, sushis, açais, churrascarios…and all other different meals we’ve shared, the dances and great moments in Zeppelin (the most popular bar, where we spent a lot of week-ends), the yoga classes, the walks around the city, the rides from place to another, the movies we’ve watched, the places you’ve made me visit, all the compliments I’ve got, the good feelings,  the help and support I’ve got each time I’ve needed… And all the good energies which you’ve all shared with me!



Rozis yoga classes have been so amazing!


A memorable dinner in Belmond hotel Cataratas


And if I’m going to miss all these moments and people, there are also few places which I’ll really miss a lot:

The Iguaçu Falls, which are known as one of the 7 natural  wonder of the world. I think I haven’t really wrote about those in details… But the falls really deserve a special word, because when you are there, just next to them, hearing the sound of the falls and watching the water falling, with such a force, you feel so small and vulnerable.  In the Brazilian side you get a marvelous panoramic view of the falls and you have a feeling that they never end… And in Argentinian side, you are just next to the water, almost under the falls, and there, I could stay for hours, just watching the water and the landscape, and forget everything else. The feeling I had there, was very powerful and peaceful. And one great thing there, are also the butterflies! There’s so much different varieties with beautiful colors, small- and big ones, flying around everywhere…  And you can see a lot of butterflies in the city as well, and that’s great. They are so beautiful and make you feel that you’re in direct contact with nature.







And another very important place for me here in Foz, became Tetris hostel  ( http://tetrishostel.com.br/ ). My roommate owns that place with her brother and another friend, and the terrace – garden just became my other living room in Foz. By spending time on the pool, or at the bar, I met a lot of great people all over the world. People who were travelling in South America, doing around-world-tours, visiting Brazil for their holidays, Brazilians who were in Foz for the week-end,  people who came there for work, others who came back every month for various reasons… We also had a lot of parties and dinners between friends and family there, or open air cinemas, work-related meetings or presentations… A lot of things happened in Tetris. Bu it’s not only that.








The place on itself is so nicely designed, beautiful, has a great feeling all the time. On afternoons I enjoyed the sun at the pool, and evenings the stars and moon with candles. And always felt good there! I’ll definitively need to find a place like this in Paris…


The last three weeks here have been very intense. First I felt sick; a horrible throat infection put me into bed for 3-4 days, and I really wasn’t feeling good. Actually it was the first time I really missed home, to have someone to take care of me… But even then, I was lucky to have a great friend, who’s also my neighbor and took me to the pharmacy, and sent me messages everyday to know how I was doing. That really helped a lot! (Obrigada A.:).

Then when I was finally better, I had a horrible feeling that “I need to go out and do a lot of things, because I don’t wan’t to loose any minute about the time I’m staying here!”

So the last weeks I went out, a lot. To cinema, to have a dinner, to party, to meet my colleagues, and other friends, I did all the touristic visits I hadn’t done until that… The bird park, Itaipu Dam, Buddhist Temple. I also went to have a massage :D.

I finished my work, gave back some books I had borrowed from the office, started to pack my things, by letting as much clothes as possible here, to people who need them more than I do…

The most important thing this stay here, have given for me, is a huge work on myself. I have understood and learned a lot of things about myself here, that I certainly wouldn’t have seen in Paris. And I feel myself so much richer now, than when I left Paris 3 months ago (even I don’t have any money left on my bank-account, but I think you got it? ;).

Now, I have 2 days left, with a concert tonight, another party (not a farewell-party, just party) tomorrow, and friends to see as long as possible. I can’t help it… I’ll miss this place a lot and I’m extremely sad to leave, but I’m sure I’ll come back. I felt in love with Brazil!

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again!”


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