Hey… The blog have been a little silent last weeks, I apologize for that. The reason is that I’ve been on my adaptation phase, after I left Brazil back to Paris. And I still don’t have a feeling I’ve gone trough it completely…

What is she talking abut? What adaptation?

Well, I’m sure a lot of people who’ve traveled a lot and been living abroad, know what I am talking about, even that we are all different and some people certainly don’t live things as strongly that others do. I’m one of those sensitive people who always has a lot of strong feelings when something happens in my life, and when things change… It doesn’t mean I don’t like changes, it means I just get very sentimental in lot of situations.

So after a great party for my last night, and a lot of crying, I took the plane, and traveled almost 24 hours from Foz to Paris. During that journey I had every kind of feelings going trough my head; sadness, nostalgia, excitement, fear, tiredness… I probably have to clarify the fact, that when I left Brazil, I had no-idea what I was going to do in France! I had few little ideas about what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a work or school waiting for me. Only a boyfriend, whit who things were not very clear since few months, and our apartment. Actually the only thing I knew I needed to do, was going home, see how I feel and then take decisions.

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When I arrived in Paris, it was very sunny and warm. That helped a lot. And as I had slept a lot in the plane, I wasn’t too tired the first day. And even in Paris it was 3 in the afternoon, for me it was 10 in the morning. The first day I actually enjoyed to be back on my balcony, under the sun. One of our friend stayed whit us the whole afternoon, and we talked about their lives in Paris and my life in Brazil during last 3 months.  But whiteout going too much in details… Usually when you come back from far, people don’t know what kind of questions to ask, and we don’t know from where to start as we have so much things in our head.

One of the first strange things were the sun at 22 pm! And the time-difference of course. In Brazil, the sun sets down around 6-7 pm, and evenings are always dark. So whit a sunny evening and 5 hours of time-difference I wasn’t feeling tired at all when it was time to go to sleep… At 2 am I was still in the kitchen, talking whit Brazilian friends on whats up or Facebook. And when I finally felt asleep, I slept until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. After one and a half week, this is going a little better… But just a little, I’m still not feeling tired before midnight or 1 am, and as I’m not sleeping very deeply, I feel tired until 11 am! Well, people who have a work and obligations to wake up early on the morning, usually get trough the time-difference more faster.

The first days I stayed home. I didn’t have a feeling I wanted to run immediately in Paris, to meet a lot of people and see the city. I hadn’t missed Paris! And when I finally took the metro for the first time, this is what I saw; A LOT of people, but a lot of very different people (much more cultural mixes than in Foz), everybody leaning over their smartphones and headphones on their ears, no-one looking for each others or talking whit anyone. And I smelled so much smells! I had forgot how bad the Parisian metros can smell! And people also, when it’s hot outside and they’ve been in work the whole day… I also saw a lot of beggars, which I probably would have seen in Brazil too, if had spent more time in big cities!

When I first met friends, I forgot here it’s 2 kisses when you say hello; one on each cheek. In Brazil it was one kiss and usually a strong hug, which I think was much more closer and nicer, so I had a few strange situation where the other person was keeping to kiss me on the other cheek, and I was already leaving… “Sorry! I forgot it’s like this here!!” haha.

And I miss the Brazilian way to touch. They are so touchy people when they talk to each other, they don’t just share words or looks, but they share touches. And they also share their glasses and plates everywhere! In France people don’t do that, except couples or very close friends sometimes…

I didn’t jump on french food either, as usually when you come back to your home-country (as when I go to Finland!). I was happy to buy food in the local supermarket and find mozzarella for example, the real one, not the Brazilian one which is hard and you can’t put it  in your salads on the same way than here! After 5 days, I decided to cook, as I was finally back in my kitchen. But I didn’t cook french food! I bought some rice and beans and cook the “feijâo”.

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Red beans (I didn’t find the hard ones, so needed to buy already cooked ones) , onions, garlic, bacon and parsley.

I also got a good occasion to realize that this city actually is very beautiful, when I was visiting a Paris whit an English friend and we got free tickets for the “Seine-cruse”. That day I felt good, especially that the same night we went to a bar to listen for Flamenco-music, had some wine and good food…

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Sure I’m not in Brazil anymore and it’s different here. There’s a lot of people, distances are longs, everything is much more expensive, there’s a lot of noise everywhere, people are not the same and their behavior is not the same. They are french, not Brazilians. But when I go somewhere I understand everything people say, and they understand what I say. I can read all the advertises, news, and spots I see. The different Parisian neighborhoods have a lot of great places to offer, you can change bars and places to go out, everyday, the architecture is amazing, it’s summer, sunny and warm.

So, I allow myself, and all the other who reverts, to be sad and to be nostalgic, but the most important is to think positive and go day by day. That’s what I do, going day by day and enjoying little things and moments. I still do search my place here and think about my life in Foz and people there, and I’m sure I will go back. So now I have to concentrate on my life here and adapt.

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