Temping in Paris.

Depending on people, and different situations, usually when you came back from abroad, you are in an important need of money. You’ve enjoyed the last months abroad by going out, visiting, having lunches and dinners more in restaurants than home… And the money which was predicted for that stay, at the end, it’s gone. At least, that’s what happened to me!

And that’s why, after 3 months when I came back to Paris, I needed to start work immediately. Only, I didn’t have any workplace waiting for me here, I had to find it. But what makes my work researches even more interesting, was the fact that I’m not going to stay in Paris for a long time. Life have done that I decided to stay only a little time, 2 months maximum, see my friends, organize my things and then leave.

But at that time, I needed to work also! And luckily Paris is full of different employment agencies and temporary work possibilities. I already had contacts with few places, for example an event-company which rents hostesses for every kind of events. The work is really not interesting (at least not for me!) because the most of the time you just need to stay still on high heels, be pretty, and smile! But you are paid for that. And they have something to offer you almost every time you need.

So that’s the first place I decided to start. I just had forgot that before and after every mission you need to go the agency to pick up and give back the uniforms. And I’m not living near that agency anymore, as I used to, when I started to work there last year. Now, it takes me more than 1 hour one way, each time I go there. Well… What wouldn’t you do when you need money??

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One of the hostess-missions. Had nothing better to do than take pictures ;).

On my free time I was sending job applications. Every day I did the same researches whit same key-words on different sites: temporary work, tourism, customer-service, temping, temporary contract… and so on. I eliminated offers which were for more than 2 months, and applied on the rest. Well, can’t say there’s A LOT of possibilities when you are being so selective, but there are some.

So, while I was sitting in subways and standing on high heels I also needed to keep a close eye on my phone, which rang all the time. I was surprised and flattered to get so much calls for interesting jobs on permanent contract.  It was the national Job center who had sent my CV in lot of places… But I always said no. I had decided to not get a permanent contract and stay stuck in Paris again! I want to change that in my life now.

One morning I got a message from the hostess-company who needed me for the same afternoon in the other side of the city. Before that I needed to pick up a dress in the office. The same morning I got a call from a temping office, who  wanted to meet me as soon as possible for a 4 days mission starting the next day. And for once it was something in MY field, tourism! So I showered, dressed as professional as possible for a hot day, took the subway (30 min), stopped in the temping-office to sign a contract for 4 next days, took the subway again (30 min), went to the hostess-agency to sign a contract for that day and picked up my dress, bought a sandwich in the nearest “Boulangerie” and ate it in the subway. It was lunch time so I wasn’t the only one having a sandwich in the subway. Outside the metro I walked my nose on the iPhone maps-app, to be sure I’ll get to the right place at time.   Then I worked for about 5 hours as a hostess, and on the evening I took the subway again. For an hour.

And next 4 days I took the subway again on the other side of the city (actually very near of my ancient apartment, the temping-agency had thought I still lived there), walked 15 minutes and did the same on the evenings. On my 1 hour lunch break I had Chinese whit a friend, a sandwich, or fast-food.

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On week-ends I had time for parties.

The last day of that mission I had a new job-interview at 17h30. I finished work at 17H. I had already planned my way to the interview with “Ratp-itinéraire” (it’s the local transportation-company, and on their site you can check which is the fastest way to go somewhere from where you are), and it showed me 29 minutes to get there! Perfect. Only with Parisian transportation you can never be 100 % sure there will be any problems. Usually it’s better to prevent 10-15 minutes more, especially if you have an important meeting! Well, I left only 5 minute in advance that day. And it was raining! Of course I didn’t have an umbrella… In few minutes my foot were all wet.  And the bus was stuck in the traffic.  At 17h30 I called the person I was supposed to meet, that I have a “transportation-problem” (a normal Parisian excuse) but I’ll be there in 10-15 minutes. Luckily he was a nice person and he had no problem whit that. On that moment I remembered the last job-interview I had in Brazil, and I arrived one hour late, because of the buses! But there either, they didn’t have any problem with that! Usually in Paris, people are a little late, but one hour would have been way too much!  Anyway, in this one I arrived about 17h50 and despite the fact I was late and completely wet, the interview went very well. After, I realized that all the interviews I’ve had in Paris during the last weeks, I’ve been very relaxed! Not stressed at all, like I used to be before.  I think for that I can thank, at least partly, the interviews I had in English/Portuguese in Brazil. Now, in french it’s so easy! 😀 Anyway, I decided to not take this job even it was very interesting and they wanted me, but it’s a contract until end of August, and for various reasons I’m not going to stay in Paris until that.

The good thing in the long subway journeys, is that I’ve had a lot of time to read books! In 2 weeks I read almost 3 books. And even this kind of work and running can be tiring, and very uncertain (because when mission is finished you never know exactly when the next will start!), it has good and interesting sides too. As a hostess, I discover a lot of beautiful places in Paris, which I would maybe never see otherwise. I also meet a lot of interesting people.

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A beautiful sunset in on of the events I was working.

The good thing also is that, even there are days you don’t stop running, there are always some that you are completely free and you can do what ever you want! Whit temporary work missions you never fall in a routine, your working hours and -days change all the time. It’s interesting as long it’s temporary ;). I wouldn’t work in this way for a year!

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