At home, as a tourist

I’ve been at home, at Tampere, about a week now. I used to live here for 20 years, and I also came here for holidays every year during last 6 years. So I know the city, as it’s my hometown.

But since I stepped out from the plane in Helsinki, I’ve been feeling like a tourist.

First I was looking for the right platform for my bus at the airport. I came in and out from the terminal at least 5 times and looked for a help desk or other information about buses going to Tampere. After 10 minutes I finally asked from some taxi-drivers who gave me the right number for the platform. I don’t know why I was so lost, I’ve taken that bus at least once a year… And the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is NOT so big! During the bus drive from Helsinki to Tampere I wasn’t able to sleep (me who usually sleeps in all kind of transportation!), because I was so intrigued about the strange light on the horizon. I took the bus at 1am, so it was at night… But during the whole ride I waited the sun to set fully down, that never happened! When I arrived at Tampere around 3h30 am it already started to raise up! I really felt like a curious tourist in a new country!

(This picture is taken at about 10 pm the next day)

Friday I told my sister I would like to go out, to the downtown. And my sister moved back to Finland about 4 months ago, but as she already had been here a little more than me, I relied on her  for 100%. When I asked where we could go she gave me names about different places I had never heard! And I realized the places I once used to know, were not existing anymore or had change names… So my sister worked as a tourist guide for that evening and took me in 3 different bars to have a drink:

Ruby & Fellas was nice because the terrace was heated, and it’s just next to the ‘river’ so there’s a nice view.

Soho’s more like a rock place, with good beers, a small place and no terrace, very nice.

Minibaari is known for its good drinks. We took one with some lemon, kiwi and vodka… And probably something else, it was good and very fresh!

Saturday we went to an African Music festival, which was awesome.

And when I was going to meet a friend in the center she asked if I had a special place I wanted to go. But I don’t know any places here anymore! So she told me about many new coffee places and we choose one of those, a ‘hipster-coffee place’ in the same place that I used to know clothe-store few years ago!

When I walk around my neighborhood and watch for the old wooden houses all with different pastel-colors, I found them pretty and typical, as a tourist watching a new place. And I also find everything incredibly green and fresh! Yes, the Finnish nature is still green in July and August, not dry and burned as in France…

I’m also really happy to bike and walk again! I can be everywhere in few minutes by bike or by walk, and it’s so easy to bike here with all the cycle paths… BUT, I don’t understand why people keep staying on the traffic lights, even there are no cars anywhere!! All tourists from southern Europe or almost all but Scandinavian countries always mention that, and I do too! It’s good to respect the rules, but it really feels stupid to stay on the sidewalk, staring at the red figure to become green even there are no cars coming from the left side, neither from the right side… And I usually feel that I need to do the same, because everybody will look at me as if I was a criminal, if I don’t wait the lights to change!

That’s to be a tourist at home. And much more things also…


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