2 sisters and a mom living back together

Background: I moved out from my mothers’ home, when I got 18, so about 8 years ago. And I moved to France 2 years later. My sister, who’s 2 years younger than me, moved out from home, directly to France, about 5 years ago.   When we both lived in France, we were not living together but we saw each other’s regularly and we got much closer during those years, maybe because we were the only “close” family, to each other, we had in Paris. And because when you grow up its easier to share a things than when you’re younger…

During those years I saw our parents about twice a year; when I went to Finland for holiday each summer, during 10 days, and when our mom or dad came to France during winter-time, but only for few days.

Of course we also used Skype and other communication modes, but I have to say I am not one of those daughters who calls home every week. I tried at least every month… but not always very successfully.

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South of France in 2013.

So, after many years of independence and distance, how is it to live back home we three together?? As I’ve already told on my previous post, my sister moved back to Finland this spring, and I came back here about 3 weeks ago. And at the moment we’re both living in our moms’ house, our childhood-place, all three together.

We’ve chosen this solution because it’s the best at the moment. Our mother’s moving to another city soon anyway, so as we are here she doesn’t need to find new tenants. We both don’t really know for how long time we’re going to stay in Finland, where are we going to work and so on… And of course the rent is smaller, than in a new apartment;-)!

Until now the cohabitation have gone quit well. My sister’s working and have already found all her old friends, so she’s having her everyday life. My mother have been packing and preparing her moving and I’ve been helping her. I have had a feeling to be on holiday, like every year in Finland on this same period. I’m just waiting to see when that feeling will disappear…?

But as I’ve been helping my mother so much, I haven’t seen as much my friends as usually on my holidays, and sometimes I’ve been feeling like when I was a teenager and living at home. Each summer we needed to cut the grass, to wash the carpets, pick all the berries in the garden, and do mushroom picking in the forest. We also need to wash more dishes and empty the dishwasher all the time… (when I lived alone or with my boyfriend in a small apartment we didn’t have so much dishes or other things to do!).

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Even I remember all those things like annoying when I was younger and I had a feeling they took too much of my time, now it feels different, and very Finnish! 😉

And it’s so great to be at home on evenings and cook with my sister, while our mom’s listening for us from her rocking chair. We are sharing different recipes we’ve learn last years from drinks and salads, to French and Italian, Brazilian or African food. And also enjoying a lot of local Finnish food! We can have dinners all together in the garden, and go out with our dog while talking a lot, sitting next the little lakes and enjoy that time together we haven’t had in years!

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We even go out all three together, to festivals, concerts or to have a drink! Which we never did before. Our mom just maybe goes home a little earlier than we… 😉

We don’t quarrel anymore as when we were younger, we just talk a lot and tease each other about everything.

Of course the fact that the house have changed from our home on our mothers home last years, is not always easy. I’m still sharing the room with my sister at the moment, I don’t really have place for all my clothes, because all the closets are full of other things, and as the house is small and we’re all there a lot, we don’t have the same privacy that we were used to have last years living on our own.

And like all mothers, mine too, has her own habits and ways to do things. Even I know she’s making a lot of efforts to not always step in when we are cooking or doing something else at home, she still needs to remind that “she likes some things to be done like this”.

And one very good thing, on being 3 women at home, are all the new clothes we find in each other things! Well, it’s been especially my mom and sister enjoying all my clothes (as apparently I’m the one having the most of them), but I’m happy to be able to choose in my sisters’ closet also ;). It’s a shame we don’t share the same shoe size….

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