A good week-end to remind why I’m happy to be here

Being in Finland has been quit variable for me. Most of the time I’ve been enjoying to be here, but many times I’ve been frustrated, asking myself what am I doing here, missing friends from other countries, missing other cultures and places… And missing working.


This past week-end reminded me why I am happy to be here, and I want to share that.

Of course it’s not only about one week-end, because since last weeks the fall has been awesome! It’s been very sunny and the light here in Finland is very special, it makes all the colorful trees look even more beautiful. I’ve been enjoying every morning walk I’ve done with our old dog, even she’ve been more brisk than usually!

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But then it’s a lot about the people.

Last Friday I had dinner with a good Spanish friend. He just came back from  Spain with a suitcase full of local delights as homemade wine, cheese, chorizo, ham, almonds, olives…. And even fresh real tomatoes from their garden! (He knows how much I love tomatoes and how much I miss the good ones in Finland). We were talking and eating the whole evening and shared a very good moment, it was a perfect start for the week-end.

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Saturday I was spending the whole day with my best friends who I know since almost 20 years now. And that was very special, because I was able to participate on one of my friends babys’ christening, and the same afternoon on another friends daughters’ 1-year birthday.

When we were young, we were a group of 5-6 girls, always together, and last years we’ve met all together only in some weddings, birthdays or funerals… Usually not even once a year. But each time we are all together we are extremely happy about it. And it was again that same joy, when we met in the Tampere Orthodox church Saturday!

The christening-ceremony was very beautiful and for most of us the first time we saw an Othodox-one. The baby was crying a lot, which I can totally understand with so much things happening around her! But I think for all of us it was worth of it as we don’t often have occasions to see that kind of christenings.

And for me it was the first time I was able to participate on my close friends childs’ christening, as I was here, in Finland, in the same country. And that makes me so happy. I also participated few weeks ago on my cousins newborns’ name-giving-party (fin.Nimiäiset). If I wouldn’t move to Finland this year, I wouldn’t been able to get to all these occasions…

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The same afternoon we were with that group of friends, changing places, from christenings to birthdays… Eating cakes, talking with people I hadn’t met in years, like my friends moms and grand-moms, who I used to know well when we were teenagers. I also met my friends new boyfriends, or got to meet for the first time other friends babies…

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When I got home that day, I was exhausted but extremely happy.  And excited. For me it was a very big thing to be here now and participate on all that. I was thinking that I moved to Finland on the right moment… On the moment that the most important things happen.

This same week-end I got a message from France that one of my good friend there have got engaged too. Well, it means that these things are starting there also, but only now and more slowly than in Finland. Because french people just don’t get married and make children as young as Finnish people, and also my good friends in France are a little younger than me, so maybe with a little chance I’ll be back there when the wedding-boom starts ;-).

Sunday afternoon I was also able to make a little jump in Tampere annual Fishmarket. That also was something I hadn’t done in years. The “Muikut”, Vendances, were soooooo good!

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A lot of people living abroad, miss friends and family, but one of the things we miss the most is to be there on important moments. More far you live, more difficult it is to participate on every birthday, house-warming, weddings, christenings, also to be there on difficult moments… My biggest problem is that I would like to be every-where at the same time. But now I’m here in Finland and able to be part of my friends life here<3.



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