Everlasting travel fever

November started. It’s the darkest period of the year… Especially in Finland. And I haven’t been in Finland for this period in many years. Actually even when I was living in Paris, I have been often travelling on this period, to get some energy and to stay alive :D. Last year on October-November I was in the french Caribbean for almost 2 months, the year before… Well, Amsterdam, and 3 years ago, Caribbean also…

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Santo Domingo & Guadeloupe in 2014

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Amsterdam 2013

This year I’m in Tampere, Finland. And in few weeks I’m leaving to Lapland for about four (4) months, where it’s even more darker. That project gives me a lot of mixed feelings, and not much excitement about sun and beaches like the previous years. I was talking about that with my friend earlier today, and I have to say that leaving to the north for many months makes me a little anxious. It’s not only about the cold and dark, but the fact to leave again. I’ve been moving so much this year that now I was actually thinking that maybe some people are right when they say that I should just stop for a while. Settle down and don’t go anywhere anymore.

But then, only few hours later I found myself on internet, reading for travel blogs, and looking for flights to Mexico and Paris.

I felt that travel fever rising and I got super excited!

Since I left Brazil in June my plan have been to go back there as soon as possible. Of course a lot of things have happened, one thing leads to another and plans change and evolve all the time.

Yes, I know, I’m talking about Mexico, Paris, Brazil… Finnish Lapland… No, I’m not confused, I actually have a plan. And all this fits together. Hopefully. Never know what can happen.

But I will tell about this plan a little later, when it’s more sure ;-).

I don’t actually know if travel fever is real English expression…? In Finnish it is, and in French it’s not. It means that very excited and thrilled feeling when you start thinking about a trip coming. For me it includes all those feelings about arriving to the airport, taking the plane, the smells, the tastes, and the feeling of the hot sun on my skin, the sand under my feet… And the people with who I’m planning to travel or who I’m going to visit… More the fever gets high, more I want everything to happen now, and I can’t concentrate on anything else anymore.

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Now, what really kept my attention was that how is it possible to be at the same time so tired of traveling and moving, and then already plan some new trips and get so excited about them?!

I have a feeling that my travel fever and longing to somewhere else never stops. Is that related to the fact that I was born in a family with two home-countries and two cultures? Is it meant to be like that for children in mixed families? Or is it just possible to travel enough at once and then be ready to stay in one place? I’ve been secretly a little jealous to one of my very good friends who’s half Finnish and half German, and when we were younger we were always feeling very same about Finland and living abroad. But when I moved to France, she traveled the world… Asia, Australia, the States… And after one, two, years, she moved back to Finland and since she’ve been saying that she feels super good there, At Home. She knows Finland is the place she wants to live.

And I’m just waiting to have that kind of feeling with some place, and to be able to say “here it is, now I only want to travel for holidays, but not move anywhere”.

Or maybe in todays’ society it’s more and more difficult to settle down and stop moving, probably people are going to move and travel more and more and no-one will have a real home-place in few years?

As much as I’m excited about all my travel-plans, as much I would like to stop running and feel good where I am whiteout missing anywhere else…. But as we say, human is never happy ;).

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