Next stop: Ivalo

“Booking status: confirmed”.  I have never booked a flight northern than Tampere or Helsinki, now that’s been done too! Next week I’ll take the bus at 4 am from Tampere to Helsinki, and the plane from Helsinki to Ivalo, where I’ll spend the next 4 – 5 months!

So, this is the third time this year that I’m packing my suitcases. I mean, not packing a cabin suitcase for a week-end or a week, but packing my little life and all that I could need next months. And this time the packing has been quit different than usually… I have to say, I’ve been more used to pack summer clothes and flipflops last years.


Packing my things when I left from Brazil earlier this year (How many shoes can a girl need??!)

Some facts about Ivalo, so that you can understand me better:

It’s a village of about 3000 people in Lapland, living mostly about tourism with winter activities and nature. (  As it’s located about 250 km in the north of the Arctic Circle, you can imagine the climate… 😉 It’s been snowing already since about a week, and at the moment the temperatures are between 0 C° and -4C°. But during winter-time they can get around -12C° to -30 C°.  Also at the moment the sun is rising around 9 am and setting around 3 pm. In less than 2 months the daylight will be around 2-3 hours per day!
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So… You can imagine that packing my suitcase is quit different than for Brazil for example! And as I was super clever this summer, when I moved from France to Finland, I gave the most of my clothes (especially winter clothes… Don’t ask why!) away. So, now these last months in Tampere I’ve been buying from flea-markets and gathering from friends jerseys, jumpers, woolen stocking, REAL shoes, winter coats….. and what ever!

With all packing I’ve been doing this year, and last years, I should be an expert! But I’m not. I still don’t like packing…

IMG_6227[1]     IMG_5956[1]

Some of my luggage when I moved from France to Finland this summer  

I mean, you always need to think about so many details! If you travel by plane you have weight limits. When you travel alone, you have to think how much you are ready to carry alone! Well, at least I usually go on places where I have an apartment and a place to stay and keep my things… For round-trips, when you move from a place to another, it would be very different.

When I’m packing I’m also someone (a typical woman??) who wants to be prepared to all kind of situations :D. Of course I think about the place where I’m going and what am I going to do there. For these next months for example I know I will especially need warm, practical and comfortable clothes… BUT also at least one dress and all that goes with it! Never know if I have a party coming there, it would be horrible to have nothing to wear, no?!

But I do also need all kind of sport clothing, some work clothes (even I’ll get some from there too), swimming-suite to be able to swim in frozen lakes from the sauna… etc.

And even I still don’t like packing, at least it makes me feel a little excited about Lapland and my coming up winter! My friends are all saying that at least I’ll be the one having a white Christmas… And  that’s true, how great that can be?! I don’t even remember last time I spent Christmas and there was snow??!!

And instead of having grey, and rainy landscapes in front of me, I’ll have snow with  forest!

So since next week, my posts will be about Lapland and the life there. And I will be working again!!! Yuppiii, how exciting is that?! 🙂


Because my Iphone can’t even find Ivalo or Inari in it’s weather options, I had to choose Sodankylä, which is about 160 km to south…



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