I picked this idea from a friends blog  ( and decided to do the same, for change a little… SO:

Current thoughts:

New climate, new people, new work, new landscapes… This winter’s gonna be exciting!

Current tv-show: 

Scandal, season 5.

Current book:

‘The Kitchen God’s Wife’ by Amy Tan.


Current song:

‘Rakkaus tekee vapaaks’ – Johanna Kurkela.

Current weather: 

-13C, almost full moon and very clear sky.

Current favorite piece of clothing

Woolen socks.


Current food:

Salmon, in all forms.

Current drink:

Glögi. The finnish hot wine for Xmas… And also ginger tea.

Current source of stress:

I’m so happy to realize that I have no source of stress at the moment!

Current mood:

A little agitated… But especially GOOD, happy mood.

Current source of happiness :

My life. The people I have around me, work, Lapland…

Current quote:

“Making a big life change is scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret”.

Current ideal location:

Well…. I would like to be in so many places at the same time, that maybe the ideal for me would be the place I am for the moment. So now, Lapland.

Current countdown:

A friends visit in Ivalo, in January, hopefully! ❤





4 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. […] I am currently sitting in the train from Rovaniemi to Tampere, and thinking that it’s been one month from my last post, but I’ve been so busy and tired that I don’t even have drafts or ideas for a new post at the moment… Except about the current situation, which I posted last time one year ago. […]

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