Discovering kick-sleds and lappish people…

After 4-5 months of floating in some kind of emptiness, looking to like my hometown again and trying to find what to do next, I finally packed my things and moved to Lapland for a new experience.

I’ve been in Ivalo for 2 weeks now, and have worked only the week-ends at the moment, but I can already say that I probably feel much better now that one month ago! Probably this is related to the fact that I’m living my life again; having a work, having real incomes, buying my food, cooking and taking care about my place… Last months sharing the house with my sister and being whiteout a work, were difficult, but now I’m starting being independent again and that feels great!

Of course I was sad to leave my friends and family who I had finally found again, after many years being away. And I had also discovered new, great and important people in Tampere, who I wasn’t happy to leave there… But that’s how my life goes at the moment. Luckily there’s Skype, whats up, FB and everything else!

Each time I leave from somewhere I’m a little confused and sad, but once I arrive in the new place I immediately feel excited about all the new things! And that’s what happened with Ivalo too. And I have to say, even it’s Finland, and even I was born in Inari, I still had a feeling to leave abroad again! Lapland is not like southern Finland, it’s another world…

When I left Tampere and Helsinki very early on the morning, it was about +5 C°, raining, and very dark!


Tampere, Tammerkoski, 16 November

Then, when the plane arrived to Ivalo Airport, we were welcomed with all white landscapes, everything was under snow, and it was about -5 C°. Beautiful! The plane arrived there about 10.30 am, but as it was a cloudy day it seemed a little gloomy, and around 3 pm it was dark already. And during these last 2 weeks the day-light have been disappearing almost totally, it’s been very interesting to follow how Kaamos (“the polar night”) have started.

Now, if I don’t work on the morning I  wake up with the daylight, so around 10.30! And from 10.30 to around 1,2 pm. there’s a bright line in the horizon, which is changing colors from yellow, orange, purple and blue… And after 2 pm it’s dark. That’s what means that picture which is circulating over internet at the moment ;).


Utsjoki is about 165 km to the North from Ivalo, so here too we are waiting to see the sun again in January. 

I took these pictures in Jänkkävaara between noon and 1 pm.

If the landscapes and colors are beautiful, also the lifestyle is completely different. There’s no hurry anywhere, no-one is getting upset if the client before you takes a little more time on the supermarkets checkout, people are going to the village with skis and kick-sleds, and biking with studded tires!

And so am I.

Well, I don’t have a kick-sled or skis yet, but I am biking also. And it’s the first time for me that I’m biking on winter-time, on the snow! I also looooooove the fact that no-one is locking the bikes when they leave them in the front of the store, in the garden, or at work….! And if I was doing that first (especially because I got the bike from work, and I didn’t want to be forced to tell at work that the bike they borrowed me, was stolen), I’ve become to the conclusion that the city is so small and my bike is so easily recognizable, that the one who would steel my bike, would need to take it in an other city so that it wouldn’t be noticed.


They also sell those kick-sleds everywhere in the supermarkets, and there are many colors and styles… It’s a real mode-thing here! 

The funny thing is that I was actually thinking that I feel here a little like in Fof do Iguaçu (you can read about my feelings there, here:… Because it’s a small town, living about it’s special nature and tourists, because the people are super welcoming and open… And that’s actually very interesting; in Southern Finland I was complaining that it was difficult to talk with people, because they are quiet and not very open… Well, I don’t have that problem anymore! 😉

The most of the people I’ve met here, are form here, and have never lived anywhere else, some of them have never been abroad. But, they are extremely open, interested about the world and super talkative! My family is saying that I talk a lot, but here I am the one who listens for the others….

Now I’m waiting for my french roommates to arrive in few weeks, to have also some international company… Meanwhile my neighbors are squirrels, hares and birds, probably some reindeers too.





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