What a wonderful year…

Wow. When I think about this year, I still get breathless.

It’s been the most exhausting and exciting year ever… And I really had no clue about how full of events this year would be, when I spent the last New Year in bed with almost 39 of fever and suffering about some horrible food poisoning. I was in Paris, and thinking that it was the first time since I moved to Paris that I wasn’t celebrating New Year with anyone, I was really too sick… And in my little superstitious mind I remember I was also thinking “this can’t be a good year, as it starts so bad…”

Well, now I’m in Ivalo in Finnish Lapland, but the road was long to get until here! 😀

When I left Paris for Brazil in March, I was saying to my current boyfriend that when I come back, I want to leave Paris for real. But I wasn’t thinking that I would do it alone, AND, that I’ll not leave only Paris, but also France!

So….Brazil was awesome. I haven’t enough words to describe those three months spent in Foz do Iguaçu, but you can read some of what happened there in the beginning of this blog (April-May 2015). That experience allowed me to meet the most amazing people, to realize a lot of things about me and my dreams, to discover wonderful places, to see new opportunities opening for me and also put me in front of the most hard decisions that I’ve ever took.

And one decision led to another. In June I came back to Paris, and in July I was already in Finland with all my luggage from last 6 years.

During about 4 months I enjoyed, I struggled, I cried, I was extremely happy… I went trough all kind of feelings and  finally ended up to Lapland with “waitress” marked on my payslip.

Of course things were not as easy as they seem written here in. But this was to say, that I’ve been extremely lucky this year, because I’ve seen few of the most beautiful places in the world within less than a year. Iguaçu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Helsinki, Tampere, Lapland…

I’ve been taking very different means of transportation to go to work, under extreme climates and temperatures… In Paris I was cramped in the subway among hundreds of people, in Brazil I took the bus or walked under the sun in + 35 C, and now I’m biking in -25 C, under the polar night!

And I’ve been discovering new cultures and tasting new foods and flavors, having conversations in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, French. I’ve exchanged about travel-tips and cultural differences with so many people, I’ve been partying and having caipirinhas, beers, wines, glögis, and so much more!

All these countries and places also included a lot of hellos and goodbyes…

This year I’ve left and let go some very important people from my life, but I’ve also got a lot of new ones. Actually the year 2015 was not only rich with new cultures and natural or geographical places, but especially on relationships. It’s better to not be sad about what we’ve done or what we’ve loos, but to be happy about what we have gained. Except that I’ve met wonderful new people which I hope I’ll keep in my life for ever, I’ve also got closer to my family and old friends again. And this has been really amazing.

And I want to thank all those lovely people who I’ve met and got back this year! You people, really made this year a very special-one ❤


I’m very excited about the new coming year, and sure it’s going to be a great one also…  I hope and promise only one (or two) thing for the coming year; Less of big changes and not so much running  ;).

Happy New Year everybody! Enjoy the moment, your loves and what you have now….


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