How did the year start?

I was very busy in January. Mostly because I was working, and at the same time doing my application papers for the Uni.  But when I started to think about the whole month, I realized I did a lot of things!

Except working around 40 hours per week at the hotel, and writing an essay about “how responsible manage cultural tourist attractions”, I also had busy e-mail exchanges with a Finn-French translator about my school diplomas, and was writing my application letter and CV in English… (For the first time for this year, but at least for the 20th time in last 8 months)!

And besides all that paper work and physical work, I managed to had visit for almost 2 weeks and to spend 3 days in Inari in a wood-heated cottage, when it was -35 C outside! It was like a mini-holiday… We made walks outside, visited Siida, the Sami-museum, heated the sauna and made good food, also had dinner with friends. And in Ivalo, in addition to work, we also walked around, hunted a little auroras, enjoyed the snowy landscapes, had lunch or dinners together…



In the middle of January, when my friend left, I took the same plane with him and went to pass the Pearson Pte-english exam to Helsinki. So I even spent 2 days in Helsinki, enjoying coffees, bars in Kallio, people, the crowd and the sun… And then took the night-train until Rovaniemi, had breakfast with my mom, and continued my way back to Ivalo.

Then, when I just got back to Ivalo, our lovely Karmen was put to sleep, which stopped me for few days.

The last weeks of January I was working like hell, at the hotel, but at the same time finishing my essay for the Uni-application. And still had time to go back to Inari for an Arctic film-festival with my mom and God-mother….


For those who can read french, you can find more about that festival here.

It was a great experience, as we were seeing a lot of indigenous movies made by Sami people from Finland, Sweden and Norway, but also from Navajo people in Canada. To crown that amazing festival, each evening we spent about an hour in the open-air snow cinema, even when it was -30 C! It was cold, but beautiful and an experience to have at least once in a lifetime…032.JPG


So I don’t know how I managed it, but with all that, I still sent my Uni-application papers in time before the end of January and was able to start February in calm, without nothing else that my daily work at the hotel (and some blog-posts to write ;).

Have a lovely week-end people!


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