Mothers’ Day -Maybe next year together for this day?

Today, Mays’ second Sunday, it’s the Mothers’ day in Finland. I haven’t celebrated it in years, because I was always in France on that day, and my mom was in Finland. Every year I sent a message or called her, and that was it. But it didn’t feel so bad because in France they don’t celebrate the Mothers’ Day the same day, and as I was so far, there was no other possibility… Not a chance to be together.

Today I’m in Finland. But as my mom is living in the north of Finland nowadays, and I’m in Tampere at the moment, we are not together today either. We have this kind of family who moves and travels a lot, and we are rarely all in the same place at the same time. She’s coming to Tampere next week, one day after that I’ll leave for a three weeks trip… So next time we’ll see, will probably be in June.                                                                         Anyway, this morning I was feeling a little sad. I was remembering those Mothers’ Days that we used to celebrate when we were kids… When we were picking the first flowers from the garden to bring them to bed with the breakfast to our mom.


Today I was feeling lonely and jealous, because I didn’t have anything to do today, and it’s a sunny Sunday. But I couldn’t call any of my friends, as I knew they are all celebrating this day with their moms.  I was also thinking about my friends who celebrate their first Mothers’ Day as a Mother, and how special that day has to be for them too.

But actually, instead of feeling sad and selfish, I want to thank our mom that she have raised us, me and my sister, in this way. Maybe we are rarely all the family together, but even when we are far from each other, we try to help each other and stay together. Sometimes we are not so much in contact, but it doesn’t matter, because when we see each other again, we are close and happy to be together. In our family it’s our mom who  have taught us to travel, to live in different places and to make a home there where we feel good, she have taught us to step out from our comfort zone and to trust ourselves. Since I was small, I’ve been always secretly admiring my mom, because she was travelling and doing things that she wanted to do, and had friends and nice things around her. When I was a kid I wanted to do the same job than she did…  Today, it’s thanks to her and the way she’ve raised me, that I’m doing things that I want to do and  living the life that I enjoy.

This week I got accepted to Lapland University where I will start studying next autumn.It was also my mom who pushed me to do the papers for that, and who made me to believe that I’ll get in there… So starting next September, we will be living in the same city again, after many years being in different countries. Many have told to me “Your mom has to be very happy you’re going there!” That’s probably true, and she’s allowed to be happy about that!


Happy Mothers’ Day to my mom, and to all moms! It is certainly the longer and harder job a woman can have in her life 😉 <3.



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