Three weeks in Mexico, with few sentences

4 People, 4 nationalities (Spain, Greece, Finland, France), 3 main languages (English, Spanish, Finnish), mixed with French and Greek. Age scale from 24 to 32.


One country.

3 weeks.

7 cities.

Several climates.


Desert, jungle, Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Cactus-trees, Palm-trees, flamboyants, primaveras, bougainvilleas….

About 30 hours of 7 different buses and 2000 km (+ one national flight).

3 different hostels, 2 hotels, one Airbnb, 2 local houses.

7 different local guides.

3 European wives settled with a Mexican husband.

New and old friends, brothers, sisters…


A lot of corn, chili and lime.

Some tequila and Mezcal.

Mangos, goyaves, pineapples, melons, papayas, mameis, bananas, avocados…

Grilled cactus and grasshoppers.





Museums, pyramids, bars, restaurants, boat-rides, mines, mangroves, supermarkets, market-places, lucha-libre, shopping, eating and drinking again and again…

Liters of water bottles.

Kilometers of walking around cities under +30-35 C.

Sunscreen, sombreros and mosquito-protection, hydro cortisone and after sun.

Colors, smells, sweat, flavours, and a lot of fun!





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