One year since I moved back to Finland

I haven’t been writing a lot lately… compared to one year ago, when I posted new articles almost once per week. It was the time that I had a lot of things happening in my life and a lot of thoughts to write down. Lately, I haven’t found any motivation for writing, even that I’m in a very inspiring environment with beautiful landscapes and Scandinavian tourists all around.. There would be a lot of things to say about Kalajoki, and  the caravan-culture, that is totally new for me.



Its also one year ago that I took the decision to move back to Finland and to find out if I could live in my first home country again. (You can read about that here).

The year have gone so fast, that I still haven’t really found out if I really want to stay here…  I was working in the magical Lapland for the coldest winter months, I was in Finland for the 1st of May, and for Midsummer, I’ve seen the incredible nature that this country has, to die for winter and to awake for summer. I’ve seen the northern lights and midnight sun, I’ve got to warm myself in the sauna and to swim in the lakes, I’ve been eating fresh salad and berries from the garden and making jams… I have also discovered that not all the Finns are quiet and a bit introverted, that there are regions where people actually talk a lot and are very welcoming !  Even that, it’s the coldest and (on winter) darkest region of Finland…


And it’s also the place, where I’m moving for next two years.

So, even that I still hate the Finnish self service-culture and the fact that I can’t buy wine outside the very restricted alcohol-selling-regulations, I’m moving to Rovaniemi, the Lappish capital, for studying again. So, at the moment I’m staying in Finland.

This means, that at the moment I’m discovering how to look for a flat in Finland and how it differs from France (nothing can be worst that in Paris, right?!) and I’m trying to calculate how easily I will live as a student again, and discovering Finnish students amazing advantages as the student grant and -healthcare!

When I started to write this post I thought it will become a nostalgic writing about France and souvenirs, and complains about Finland… But actually I realize that I’m excited about my life at the moment, and I can’t deny how often I think that I really love my life and how lucky I am. So, even that the decision to leave last year, was one of the hardest I’ve ever took, I can just compliment myself, because apparently it was the right one. Since I left, I have done exactly those things that I wanted to do, and have been living the life that I needed… Now, I’m also very impatient to find my flat and to settle down at least for a year or two and to get to know my new friends at the university and to study and work for real again.

Maybe I will get new inspiration for the blog as well… As most of the students come from, and will discover Finland for the first time… 😉



3 thoughts on “One year since I moved back to Finland

    • Happy that you enjoy! Even that sometimes it’s tiring to move and get adapted with new places again, it’s what makes me feeling alive, I’m sure you know what I mean 😊

  1. Comment c’est passé votre l’an en Finlande? Rovaniemi doit être lieu sympa pour faire des études. Nous avons notre deuxième maison à Oulu et il y a beaucoup d’étudiants.Bonne journée.

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