I am currently sitting in the train from Rovaniemi to Tampere, and thinking that it’s been one month from my last post, but I’ve been so busy and tired that I don’t even have drafts or ideas for a new post at the moment… Except about the current situation, which I posted last time one year ago.

Current thoughts: Why did I wanted to study again?? And why the hell did I want to move to Lapland?!

Current tv-show: “Orange is the new black”.. I know I’m a bit late with this, but I didn’t know what I missed few years ago when it came out!

Current book: Only study books at the moment… “Ajattele itse! Tutkimuksen lukutaidon perusteet” & “Whiteness, Weddings, and Tourism in the Caribbean: Paradise for Sale”


Current weather: Around +0 C and rainy

Current favorite piece of clothing: My new bathrobe! Its so soft!

Current food: Not a specific one, but all the spanish tapas that we do on Friday nights with my boyfriend (when we happen to be together)


Current drink: Coffee… I have to admit that with the long study-days I drink even more coffee than before!

Current source of stress: Even that now I’m more relaxed than a month ago, I still have deadlines and exams, and work that never finishes… So, Studies are a source of stress.. I’m trying to not take things too seriously 😉

Current mood: Tired, I really need this free week-end!

Current source of happiness : The fact that I’m going to spend the week-end in Tampere with my love-ones!

Current quote: This works specifically for today!


Current ideal location:

This is not changing from last year! Even that I’m not so fun of Lapland this year, I still think the best place to be, is where I actually am. I would always like to be in so many places anyway, that it’s never possible…

Current countdown: The end of the studies! Even it’s in 2 years only, I still wait for it 😀 (Well, next trip also, but I’m not so sure where is that going to be, so I cannot exactly count…)


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